Evan S. Schaffer, PhD

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Richard Axel in the Department of Neuroscience at Columbia University.

I was a graduate student with Larry Abbott in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.


Schaffer E.S.*, Stettler D.D.*, Kato D., Choi G.B., Abbott L.F., and Axel R.  Random connections from the olfactory bulb to cortex support generalization across odors and animals. In Preparation.


Schaffer E.S., Ostojic S, and Abbott L.F.  A Complex-Valued Firing-Rate Model That Approximates the Dynamics of Spiking Networks. PLoS Computational Biology, 9, 10 (2013). PMCID:PMC3814717.


Ozeki H., Finn I., Schaffer E.S., Miller K.D., Ferster D. Inhibitory stabilization of the cortical network underlies visual surround suppression. Neuron, 62, 578–592 (2009). PMCID:PMC2691725.


Durgin F.H., Fox L.F., Schaffer E., and Whitaker R.  The perception of linear self-motion. Human Vision and Electronic Imaging X, 5666, 503-514 (2003). doi:10.1117/12.610864.


* equal contribution



ess2129 (at) cumc (dot) columbia.edu

Department of Neuroscience

Columbia University

701 West 168th St, HHSC 1014

New York, NY 10032